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At At 3dmod, we excel in the design of new components, component assemblies or new product ventures. Any project size undertaken.

We are a dynamic, approachable, fresh thinking and creative company, passionate about delivering innovative and great design solutions beyond our client’s aspirations.

We offer value, high quality and efficient complete solutions from concept through to manufacture.

Our skills and expertise in successful design and for manufacturing will be dedicated to your project at every level.

To get started we can work with a mutually agreed brief or a simple sketch, this is normally sufficient to get our creative juices flowing and begin providing vision to your project.

Any new formulated concept can have many solutions. Picking the best is vital to the product’s success. This is an important and critical part of the design process, which we like to focus on and get right.    

At 3D mod we communicate your concepts visually together with quantifying techniques against a range of criteria we agree to achieve, for example, end user, life cycle, form, fit, function, aesthetics, manufacturability etc to name but a few. All of which are meticulously all taken into account to converge on the best solutions.

Once approval and requirements are met on the design, our close ties with manufacturers throughout the development process ensure a seamless progression to manufacture, inspection and delivery.